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          ” I could cry thinking about her. She’s so amazing. She memorizes all of the lines, all of my blocking, all of her blocking, my mannerisms, my impulses; she, somehow, memorizes all of that and gives it back to me with a performance I can play off of.”

Tatiana Maslany about Kathryn Alexandre, her Orphan Black clone double

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Le sigh…

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well i’ve lost it all,
i’m just a s i l h o u e t t e .

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we dont talk enough about alison beth and cosima before sarah find them like

  • beth teaching them how to hold a gun and alison acting like an A grade student while cosima is trying to spin the gun around her finger like they do it in movies
  • beth praising alison for doing a good job and rubbing her shoulders and then looking at coisma and her eyes widening in horror bc cosiMA THAT GUN MAY NOT BE LOCKED and you can hear alisons pitched scream in the background
  • coisma wiggling her eyebrows at beth when she catches her checking alisons but and beth just snorts
  • cosima catching alsion checking beths but too and making kissy noises while alison is trying desperately to shush her before beth hears
  • beth yelling at cosima bc of smoking pot and going about how she could not do it in her presence so she can at least pretend that she doesnt know about it and cosima being like dude, you have a crush on your clone, you better take a hit too and beth wanting to rip her throat out
  • but in the end she just annoyedly sits next to her all pouty and angry but takes a hit even tho cosima is wrong
  • cosima doing her victory dance when she catches beth and alison making out for the firts time
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Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf 4.09 “Perishable”

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young adult things: washing your colors with your whites because you don’t care you JUST don’t fucking care

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i love how instead of being hardened by all the shit that’s happening to her, sarah is softened and tries to spend more time making a family

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if you’re having a bad day just remember if sarah manning can keep going so can you and clone club believes in you

if you’re ever feeling any level of physical pain from a hangnail to a broken limb just remember if helena manning can keep going so can you and clone club believes in you

if you ever feel like there’s no hope left and you want to give up remember if cosima niehaus can keep fighting so can you and clone club believes in you

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Orphan Black’s Toronto locations (Google Street View):

Beth’s house: 32 Mariner Terrace

Beth’s Police Station: King Street East and Virgin Place

Felix’s Loft: 485 Queen Street West

Alley behind Felix’s loft: McDougall Lane (near Spadina Avenue and Queen St.)

Katja’s Carlsborough hotel: Thompson hotel (550 Wellington St W)

Helena and Sarah’s lunch date: Jim’s Restaurant (897 Queen Street East)

Bobby’s Bar: The Cameron House (408 Queen Street West)

Mrs. S house: 156 Morse St.

Alison’s House: 35 Harper Hill Road, Markham, Ontario

Cosima’s House: 96 St. Joseph (University of Toronto Campus)

Cosima and Delphine running scene’s alley: St. Michael’s College (University of Toronto Campus)

Rachel’s office - building exterior: Bay-Adelaide Centre (333 Bay St)

Paul’s yellow bridge season 2: Puente de la Luz

Sarah’s steal bridge and skateboard park: 28 Bathurst St.

Sarah’s restaurant hideout season 2: Bus Terminal Restaurant (1606 Danforth Ave)

Alison’s Community Theater exterior: Jubilee United Church (40 Underhill Dr)

Dyad Institute exterior: Bridgepoint Health Hospital (14 St Matthews Rd)

Green Acres Motel: 1303 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON

Cold River Institute: Streetsville United Church

Ethan’s house: 13 Minto St.

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“I remember the way. I go north to go south, east to go west, back to go forward. And to touch the light I have to pass beneath the shadow.

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