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Hudson Taylor
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David Foster Wallace’s magnum opus, Infinite Jest, reenacted by a cast of adorable Lego minifigures. You’re welcome, Tumblr.

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Let’s Black Swan those bitches.

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With no reason to hide these words I feel 
And no reason to talk about the books I read 
But still I do…

Colin Meloy - Sister I’m A Poet (Morrissey Cover)

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Dragon’s Breath is a very gorgeous type of opal made into many types of jewelry.


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Colin and Carson Birthday Project!


Since (to my knowledge, anyway) this is the only active Decemberists fanblog on tumblr, it seems only fitting to spearhead a birthday project for the man of the hour himself - Colin Meloy.
BUT, it just so happens that Colin Meloy and his creative collaborator (and wife) Carson Ellis, have the same birthday! Carson draws all of our lovely posters and album art and shirts, as well as illustrates the Wildwood Chronicles. We have to show her some love as well.

So for anyone interested, we’re going to make a collaborative video for them, which will be tweeted to them. (I’ll tweet it, and you guys should tweet it too, so the chance of them seeing it will be higher. )

Here are things you can submit:

  • Decemberists, Wildwood, or Carson-related fan art. Draw it, photoshop it, MS paint it, however you define it. 
  • A short (think about a minute or less, but I’m not timing it THAT close) video - you can wish them a happy birthday or say whatever nice wishes/thanks/etc you want. If you make a video, you can either upload it to youtube or vimeo and submit the link.
  • A picture of yourself holding a sign saying your nice wishes.
  • Fan pictures with them, if you have any.
  • Pictures of Decemberists/Carson’s art tattoos you have  
  • any other things you can think of related to it. 


  • Can I submit more than one thing? Of course, because I don’t know how many people will actually submit something. At the chance I get flooded with submissions, I may ask you if I can choose one of your submissions over the other, or crop a few seconds off your video.This is a tiny close knit fandom, so I highly doubt that will be an issue. But basically, if you send something nice, I’ll put it in the video. 
  • What formats should things be in? I have basic file conversion software for videos, so mp4/avi/flv is usually okay. But if you’re uploading it to youtube, it won’t matter because I can select the format I want to download it in. For pictures/fanart - whatever quality you would select to upload it to tumblr is fine. I don’t need 4000x4000 size images, but likewise, I can’t work with icon sized ones. 
  • Tag/watermark your images with your url if you so desire. 
  • I’ll need all submissions by SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th. That way I’ll have time to edit the video, and contact anybody if I need re-submissions. 

Any questions/suggestions/whatever please ask! I’m generally on every day.


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Best of Amy Raudenfeld

"This is more of my girlfriend’s kinda thing. She gets involved in school activities, I stand back and silently hate them."

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Cosima’s patchwork sweater - 2x08

It’s the Free People Favorite Cowl Pullover in Americana. 

Mod note: Runs large. I own one and can answer questions about it. There is also a white/yellow version previously posted - the color is called “tea” and fairly easy to find on Ebay. The Americana color is sold out almost everywhere.)

Shamelessly encouraging you guys to follow my other blog and let me find you cool stuff.

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The Milk Carton Kids
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Michigan’s in the rearview now
Keep your hands where I can see them
You took the words right out of my mouth
When you knew that I would need them
What am I supposed to do now
Without you
Without you…

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Green is for things I understand, yellow is for “I’m working on it”, and red means I have no clue. I’m mostly using red.

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Meeting Ariana Grande, Then and Now.





omg this is messy as fuck

they came with receipts too
she better pray this doesn’t reach any gossip sites

absolutely pathetic

This is really disgusting behavaiour, Everyone should read the follow up post too.

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I saw this this


and I am just


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Orphan Black Opening Theme
Two Fingers
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